Are you a completely

nut free facility?

We DO NOT use peanuts in any of our products and haven't had issues with our cupcakes & cookies passing the frequent school nurse inspection! However, some of the cocoa we use in our cupcakes states that it is manufactured in a facility that also processes nuts.  We occasionally use other nuts in a few seasonal flavors which we clearly advertise. Our house made gluten free flour also DOES NOT contain any nut flours!

Is there a minimum for special orders?

For some, yes. Sugar Free orders are a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor or 2 dozen of our "baby" (1/2 size) cupcakes.

Pull apart cakes are also a minimum of 1 dozen (not limited to flavors) This insures we are able to have enough to get the design you are wanting!

Do you deliver?

Depending on staff availability we can deliver for a $25 OKC metro area fee. Most of our deliveries tend to be for larger catering orders, weddings, and special events but we can do it!

Do you use artificial dyes?         Only in Red Velvet flavor & some custom design orders for decor. All of our other cupcakes including sprinkles are artificial dye free!